Crappie Dueller “Big Bite”


We came up with the lead free Crappie Dueller BIG BITE to have a nice 1/8th ounce double underspin at a slightly larger scale.  The 2.25″ Charlie Brewer Double Action Paddle Tail we put on these gives the angler a bait with a little more meat on it.  Big crappies, largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye and stripers all respond well to this 3″ bait with a lively, fluttering tail wag that fish cannot resist.  These tails have a great look even when retrieved at a slow speed.  It’s an awesome spring and summer bait or in any situation where the fish are seeking the BIG BITE!!!

Todd gets a nice largemouth bass on lead free Crappie Dueller Big Bite


Our 2.25″ Charlie Brewer’s Double Action Paddle Tails scale to the 1/8th oz. non lead Crappie Dueller perfectly creating the Crappie Dueller “Big Bite”, a nice compact 3″ bait for finesse and ultralight fishing.  Seven head colors, three blade array choices and five tail colors  are available.  You are going to love the fuller stroke and wild wiggle of these double action tails.  Even in cold water on a slow retrieve they give plenty of motion to call over a good one.  Bass, big crappies, trout, whites, perch, walleye, stripers and wipers will open wide for the BIG BITE!

Additional information

Weight .035 kg

Colorado, Indiana, Indiana+Willow Leaf

Tail Color

Funky Monkey, Stardust, Clear Chartreuse with black fleck and orange, Black with chartreuse, Pink with pearl

Head Color

Chartreuse, Black, Red, Pearl, Orange, Pink, Green Pumpkin


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