Crappie Dueller Kit: The All Around


This kit represents fantastic lead free selection of colors and blade combos for a variety of species and conditions picked by lifetime fisher and Glasswater Angling co-founder John King a.k.a. “The Crappie Hippie”. And it’s a great value too.  Sold separately these lures cost over $35.  Get this 1/8th oz. size Crappie Dueller kit and take on trout, punish panfish, bash some bass and crash the crappies, this kit has the right baits.  See full description below.

Crappie Hippie with largemouth bass caught on lead free crappie dueller

14 in stock (can be backordered)


This kit contains seven lead free 1/8th oz. Crappie Duellers selected to bring results year around appealing to all species of game and panfish under a variety of conditions.  There are four standard Crappie Duellers featuring the 1.5″ Charlie Brewer’s paddle tail grub-Chartreuse with avocado/chartreuse, Pearl with pearl, Red with clear chartreuse and red core, Orange with pumpkin/chartreuse.  There are three non lead Crappie Dueller Big Bite underspins fitted with the 2.25″ Charlie Brewer’s Double Action Paddle Tail Grub-Black with Funky Monkey (clear pearl with black fleck), Green Pumpkin with Stardust (gold glitter on a black background with a chartreuse paddle), Pink with Pink/Pearl.  Also, to change things up there are four extra tails, three of them are 1.5″-Motor Oil, Smoke and Silver, Clear Chartreuse with black fleck and orange paddle plus one Big Bite 2.25″ tail-Black and Chartreuse.  Sold separately these baits with box would cost over $35 but we are offering the kit at a very special price of under $30.  A great set of bugs for the beginner or experienced expert.


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