Crappie Dueller


The double underspin that calls in the slabs!  With over 300 combinations you’ll be sure to find a winner!!!


A lead free double underspin like no other.  Catches crappies as well as laregemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trout, perch, white bass, walleye, pike, pickerel, sauger and more.   Two blades provide flash and give off sound too!  There are three blade arrays, seven head colors and fourteen tail colors to choose from, over 300 combinations!!!…. 1/8th oz.-3.5 grams. #1 Mustad Aberdeen hook.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Head Color

Black, Chartreuse, Red, Hot Pink, Pearl, Orange, Green Pumpkin

Tail Color

White with Blue Tail, Black with Chartreuse Tail, Motor Oil, White with Pink Glo Tail, Lemon, White, with Chartreuse Tail, Smoke and Glitter, Clear Chartreuse with Red Core, White with Chartreuse Tail, Pearl, Chartreuse with Black Fleck with Orange Tail, Green Pumpkin with Black Tail, Pumpkin with Chartreuse Tail, Dear John, Avocado with Chartreuse Tail, Candy Corn

Blade Array

Colorado, Indiana, Indiana and Willow Leaf


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