Twin blades that flash and clack, there is no other underspin even close.  This bait brings in the BIG ONES!!!


The most unique underspin out there.  Twin blades that flash and clack for light and noise attraction.  Three line ties to deliver the right running angle for your fishing conditions.  Tie on the front for a horizontal retrieve, in the middle for a thirty degree swim angle or on the back tie for a real nose down, cover hopping forty five degree angle retrieve.  Five head colors (Black, Pearl, Hot Pink, Red and Chartreuse), three blade arrays (Colorado, Indiana, Indiana and Willow) and five tail colors (Opaque Chartreuse, Fluorescent Yellow and Hot Pink, Pearl, Black and Pink and Green Pumpkin) to choose from.  Bass, walleye, trout, white bass, stripers, wipers, pike, crappie and many more will attack an AngleKing.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Head Color

Black, Red, Pearl, Chartreuse, Hot Pink

Blade Array

Colorado, Indiana, Indiana and Willow Leaf

Tail Color

Pearl, Black and Pink, Green Pumpkin, Flo. Yellow and Hot Pink, Opaque Chartreuse