Slick Weights


These hard hematite weights move through weeds, won’t distort and give the lead free angler a great finesse option.  Sold in 10 Packs



Polished hematite weights for finesse fishing, Slick Weights are  hardened iron (hematite) that won’t rust and are polished to a shine.  They slip through weeds, won’t distort on rocks and are a fun finesse size for light and ultralight bassing, walleye angling or any small swim application.  Texas rig or Carolina they also make a good drop weight.  Use them anywhere you would use a bullet sinker with better results and no toxicity. 10pks are priced as follows: 3/64-$1.19, 3/32 gray $1.39, 3/32 rainbow $1.80

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Weight N/A

Rainbow, Gray


3/64, 3/32


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