Shad Gray and White


You are always going to want some gray tone jigs in your kit for dark, cloudy days, clear water or cold water.  Three of these bugs have some UV blue flashabou in the tail and one is more basic.  All will work well for crappie, bass, walleye and trout.

Les "The Professor" Cline with a mighty slab caught on Glasswater Angling's lead free Jester Jigs


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On dark days or in clear cold water a neutral color scheme can bring on the bites when nothing else will.  Three of these have a UV flashabou that looks purple but takes on a blue flash in the water.  The other one is plain for days when they are spooky.  The heads are a bismuth alloy that will stay silver. These lead free 1/8th ounce jigs are hand tied on #2 Aberdeen hooks