Fox Fire



Glasswater Angling Lead Free Fishing Co-Founder John "Crappie Hippie" King

Pale orange is a happening color in panfishing and Fox Fire has all the right stuff, a bit of green crystal in the tail as well as a New Age chenille body named “Texas Toast”.  This little gem doesn’t just slay crappie and sunnies but is great for smallies and trout too.

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Pale orange is all the rage for crappie these days.  I did these up with a darker orange streak and a bit of green crystal in the tail and bodies of a New Age chenille named “Texas Toast”.  Don’t just think crappie here, these little foxes will catch the heck out of bluegills, smallmouth bass, yellow perch and trout too.  Anywhere there are baby threadfin shad, small darters or golden shiners a Fox Fire jig will make the sale!  These little 1/32 oz. jigs are tied on #8 Aberdeen hooks.    This size jig is just made for small water like creeks and ponds but do not count them out on the big water when you need a small, slow dropping bait to get the bite turned on.