Double Cherry Limeade


A fleeing bait fish runs scared with gills flared, now is the time for a lot of red in your jig pattern…



When bait fish panic their gills are flared and that red gets game fish turned on, this pattern has extra red to elevate the amperage.   Crappie, bass, bluegills, shellcrackers, walleye, white bass, perch and trout all love a “marabou” jig.  Available in 1/8th oz. (3.5g) #2 Mustad Aberdeen hook, 1/16th oz. (1.75g) #4 Mustad Aberdeen hook and 1/32nd oz. (.875g) #6 Mustad Aberdeen hook.

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1/8th oz., 1/16th oz, 1//32nd oz.


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