Dark patterns begin here, do not leave the house without some black jigs in your kit…



No good fisher goes around without some basic black in the box.  A black jig works well any time, any where and is specifically called for on dark days or muddy water.  A minnow, a craw, a baby catfish, a large nymph, black just looks like something good to eat to a lot of fish a lot of the time.    Crappie, bass, bluegills, shellcrackers, walleye, white bass, perch and trout all love a “marabou” jig.  Available in 1/8th oz. (3.5g) #2 Mustad Aberdeen hook, 1/16th oz. (1.75g) #4 Mustad Aberdeen hook and 1/32nd oz. (.875g) #6 Mustad Aberdeen hook.

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1/8th oz., 1/16th oz, 1//32nd oz.


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