Baby Crappie-Olive




Baby Crappie Olive jigs are tied with a stenciled young blood quill feather for a tremendous action in the water.  This tie has a bit of flash and a broken line pattern that trout, panfish, smallies and perch find hard to refuse.

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Baby Crappie Olive is a great pattern for trout, smallies and panfish.  The New Age chenille in the body has a bit of green sparkle and the tail is tied with an olive young blood quill “marabou” feather that has been stenciled with black. This highly patterned tie imitates a wide variety of prey that will turn on the appetite of any fish that sees it. These smaller blood quills yield some of the lightest, fluffiest feather fibers one can use and they give a fantastic action in the water. These 1/32 oz jigs are tied on #8 Aberdeen hooks